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I am Maribel Kalata, the owner and designer at Eight Tree Street. After many years of working in special events at museums and art centers, where our floral design experience started, we put some roots down in the DC area.  Eight Tree Street opened in early 2011, and we have been creating flowers for all types of events and weddings since then.


As a mom, I work from a home studio with my family, they are an intricate part of the studio. One of our little guys  is a special needs autistic boy, having a home studio allocates time for family,  the flowers I love, for having time and space for my clients -- we get together throughout the whole floral process, and host previews for some of our clients.


I find inspiration on things I love, textiles, furniture, paint,  colors, I love everything  about events, and my designs are diverse: you'll find freestyle florals, structured bouquets, lavish centerpieces,  flowers and containers are my canvas. I work with clients to translate their vision into the floral designs and decor for their wedding and event.   And more than anything I love my  family,  working with my clients, flowers and weddings, and our adorable and cute cat Marley!

xoxo Maribel

The Team:Paul and Will


With over three wedding seasons under his belt, Paul been helping as client support staff and floral stager. He is a critical component of each wedding and event's on site team and has recently led events as a team leader and project manager, assisting the lead designer, setting up florals, wrapping arrangements, designing displays, keeping timelines and specs for weddings -- working alongside with clients and planners, offering event support and designing event spaces.  And he is a great PR advocate for the work of Eight Tree Street, and this young man has lead several mid-range events with great success! 

Will is our managing director and team leader, he works with freelancers and support staff to design displays and set ups, he is in charged of overseeing all teardown and clearance, and manages accounts. He also leads our repurpose program, donating flowers to churches, hospitals and hospices, bringing a bit of floral cheer to everyone!

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