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We are excited with some of the amazing developments in wedding flowers for 2018, we chatted with Long Island Bride and Groom and they featured our details for floral trends and decor for 2018 including more floral jewelry, gorgeous bouquets that are lush, bold and colorful, and big floral statements from ceremony to reception. The issue is currently on stands, and can be ordered online. So excited to share these, specially since we love, love the lush looks and the diversity of blooms and color this year.

Floral Jewelry & Headpieces

What started as a sweet trend with floral crowns now has developed into creative floral personal décor. We love designing corsages with jewelry cuffs, making them more statement pieces for brides, and has a more modern twist. These are perfect for the bridal party and mothers of the bride. Brides themselves are opting for just a few blooms with a veil or hair design, or going for a more creative floral designs or blooms intertwined with beautiful braids or small touches of blooms with flowy curls.


We love the staple of beautiful blooms for weddings, ranunculus, garden roses, peonies, succulents mixed in with hellebores, draping jasmine and clematis that continues to bring that garden touch, but we love that old traditional blooms are making a comeback, delicate heirloom mums and carnations in vintage color palettes as well as bright hues like hot pink and burgundy.

Flower color

We saw an influx of pastels in years past, but our brides today want something bold and colorful, a mix of colors in a bouquet, with pops of burgundy or dark red along with hot pink, yellows and oranges. We love this trend since we get to tap into a variety of blooms. And the big bouquets are being repurposed after the ceremony so they get to play double duty at the wedding.

Lush and Mixed Florals and Hanging Structures

Ceremony design and floral tablescape are moving into a more lush and mixed design. And we love the development of hanging structures and creative designs like floral hoops and tons of greenery. Floral backdrops, geometric forms, mix décor - a greenery wall with pops of florals or laser cuts adorned with flowers, are providing colorful backdrops for couples ceremony spaces. We are excited to see full floral tablescapes with lush garlands of flowers, and clusters of vases with flowy centerpieces along with individual touches for each place setting. Modern designs of garlands of blooms with whimsical flowers peeking out is beginning to take notice too.

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